A shared social impact

With so many code schools and partners involved, we reach many migrant and refugee communities in various EU countries. In collaboration with our local and international corporate partners, we have been able to place hundres of students into the labour market.

For instance, since its founding in 2019 until 2021, MigraCode Barcelona (by Open Cultural Center) has already served more than 130 students, of which 41 graduated, and 32 have already found new opportunities through MigraCode (jobs, studies, freelancing, etc.).

While at the moment we don’t have the total numbers of all schools together, you can find the links to annual reports and statistics of some of our schools below to get a better understanding of our impact.

Hundreds of students of MigraCode partner schools find jobs through free education every year.

Want to join our impact?

If you are already making an effort related to free technical education, or you want to start making an impact, reach out to us or read more information.