Shared, open-source curriculums

In collaboration with all the various partners of the MigraCode Network, various educational curriculums have been developer over the years. From basic computer literacy to more advanced coding skills, for each target group various educational approaches were created.

The most prominent curriculum is the full-stack web development curriculum developed by Hack Your Future Netherlands, further adjusted and developed together with other code schools like Code Your Future and MigraCode Barcelona.

Education made possible by volunteers

Most of the schools involved in the network work with limited funding and small operational teams, and depend on the great involvement of volunteers from the tech sector, but also from other relevant sectors such as HR and Training.

They teach, mentor, coach and give workshops to the students of the schools around Europe, and are the foundation of what the schools do. Without the volunteers, there would be no MigraCode.

Hybrid, covid-safe teaching

As a response to the worldwide pandemic, all the schools of the network have adjusted in various innovative ways to continue their educational model without lowering the quality of their activities. They often offer hybrid teaching models, with partly in-person and partly remote classes.

This was highly important, especially considering the difficult situations of many of the students around Europe, who – as migrants/refugees – were especially affected by the economic and psychosocial impact of the pandemic.

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