The European Migracode Network

Key features of our network and the schools

Open Education

All our schools are cost-free for our students

Labour Integration

All our schools aim to find jobs for our students

EU Supported

The network is supported by the EU

Non Profit

All schools are nonprofit organisations

Corporate Partnerships

Our network collaborates with corporate business

Transnational Collaboration

All partners are spread all over Europe


Migracode is a European network of code schools made possible by various nonprofit organisations. The network also collaborates with corporate business and other organisations to support vulnerable groups all throughout Europe.

The network promotes the exchange of best practices between all schools, made possible through online and transnational meetings supported by the European Union.

Not all schools in the network are part of an official EU project – soon we will share a page on this website explaining the different EU projects and which partners are involved.

All schools offer free tech education to youth refugees and migrants and support them as well with their job search. In line with this, they all share the same goals of labour integration and social inclusion.

Supported by the European Union through Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Calls

  • IFOA

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Contact submissions are managed by Open Cultural Center. Please fill the contact form on this page to get in touch. If you want to get in contact with specific coding schools, please go to their website through the links earlier on this page.

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